Monthly Newsletter

Trying to keep each and everyone up on all the events that go on every day at the school.

Tartesso Facebook

This is our staff ran facebook page with all the up to date information and photos of every day life at Tartesso Elementary.


Tartesso News Network is a student news channel that is filmes weekly on campus by 4th/5th grade students. They report news, sports, jokes and anything school related.

Student Council
Student Council

Students in 4th/5th grade were elected to be members of student council. Our goal is to mak eour school a better place.

Safety Patrol

Our 4th/5th grade students are chosen to be a part of our wonderful Safety Patrol group. They help people safely get across the parking lot and help get kids to their correct car.

Leadership Group

Kids that join the Leadership Group show the initiative to help where ever they can.

VEX Robotics

Saddle Mountain currently offers competitive VEX robotics programs for students in 3-12 grades.